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Working with the project, I evaluate the whole context - the client's life, way of thinking and aspirations. I want to create a comprehensive view of the person I work with

My journey leading to this position started a long ago. When I was a sixteen years old schoolgirl, I realised, that I wanted to be an interior designer, due to this reason that I was good both at math (like structural drawing, logical thinking) and at art (making tinges of colours). Also art has been my passionate hobby since my very childhood. I considered interior design to be the subject where I can improve my both mathematical and artistical skills in the best way.

I started attending the Siauliai Art School, when I was twelve years old, where I studied drawing and other subjects of art. I graduated with the highest marks (10). Before graduating the Art school I had made a large project – a sery of the paintings titled “Houses”. It was a very successful project due to this reason it was exhibited in the town hall. Having finished my art school I was much inspired to go on studying further. Therefore, joining the courses in the Vilnius Art Academy I considered it to the best chance for me to improve my skills in various spheres of art.

In the courses I acquired plenty knowledge on architecture and interior design. The subjects which were conducted over the courses were house planning, interior design, house construction, architecture analysis, composition, materials and enlightening, all of them were very important for me. It is needless to say, I gained great deal of knowledge on architecture, design and decoration. Furthermore, during the courses my drawing and painting skills were also improved. There I learnt how to work with various computering programmes such as: Archicad, Autocad, Artlantis studio and Adobe Photoshop and etc.

After graduating from the Vilnius Art Academy and acquiring the speciality Interior Design, I decided to expand my knowledge of design and skills by studying at The Glasgow School of Art. In order my knowledge of design and skills by studying at the Glasgow School of Art. In order my knowledge of degree to be consolidated at The Glasgow School of Art (2014-2015) for the Personal Project I designed a rehabilitation centre for cancer patients. My goal was to create an eco-friendly multifunctional space which would not feel like a hospital but would be equipped to cope with any of the patients’ requirements and treatments. I chose a building which was destroyed by fire. It has neither roof nor internal walls and these aspects become the main focus of my project. The ruins and existing parts are integrated in the interior design. In my project I use as many reclaimed materials and sustainable energy sources which are possible to be renovated. I wanted a strong natural theme to dominate throughout, because when studies have shown, natural surroundings then they can have a directly positive effect on patients’ recovery.


All GSA projects are really conceptual and Vilnius Art Academy has a completely different approach to their teaching system, which is considered to be much more technical. It made me stand at an excellent starting point for my career as I am fortunate enough to be able to combine both kinds of these very different learning experience. Furthermore, during my studies in Vilnius and in Glasgow, I worked at various design companies, gaining vast amount of experience and skills, learning how to work successfully within a team,  without even doubts, it will be beneficial for my future career and for improvement the particularities of my character as well.

Julija Naradauskaitė



1989 May 9 I was born in Vilnius.

1996 I started to go to Siauliai Ragainė Primary School.

2005 The final cycle of oil painting works "Home". Supervisor of work - Dalvytis Udrys.
2001-2005 science at Šiauliai Art School 2007 - 2008 preparatory courses of Vilnius Art Academy entering the Bachelor of Interior Design, participation in various exhibitions and competitions.

2008 Completion of Šiauliai J. Janonis Gymnasium.

2008 - 2012 Interior Design Bachelor Studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts.

2012 Final Thesis "Seaside Therapy Center in Nida".

2012 - 2015 Glasgow School of Art, Interior Architecture, Second Bachelor of Science in Scotland.

2015 final work "Rehabilitation Center for Cancer Patients".

2015 I am now working in Germany, a junior architect.


2001 laureate at an international exhibition with paintings "Cutter" from Ragainė school art lessons.

2005 cycle of three paintings "Home" at Šiauliai Art School. Thesis.

2006 Winner of the Poželai Prize at J.Janonis Gymnasium with the image "Bird".

2014 Winner of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games Interior Competition. The organizers used my idea in my interior.

2007 Winner of the Poetry Prize with painting "Angel with One Wing".
2014 The winner of the Jerwoon Drawing Prize exhibition in Edinburgh with "Life Tree"

2015 GSA final thesis participated in Sustainability competition.






“Because of  the ability to combine practicality and design aesthetics, Julia has every chance to become a great designer. Her imagination allows her to create unique, unusual projects. ”

— Marina Sokolova, Head of Art Group, Interjero Atelje, Lithuania